The State Assistance Programs consists of:

For specific program eligibility requirements, view the Family Assistance policy manual.

For questions, additional information, or to apply for State Assistance please contact one of our Local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) Offices.

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State Assistance 
State Assistance consists of the Tuberculosis Control and Child Safety Seat Programs

      Tuberculosis Control  

The Tuberculosis Control (TC) Program determines eligibility and provides assistance for the support of applicants who are certified unemployable by the State Tuberculosis Control Officer as a result of communicable tuberculosis.

The regulations and funding for this program are established by the Arizona State Legislature through the Arizona State Department of Health Services (DHS).External Link Icon The Arizona State Department of Economic Security, Family Assistance Administration, administers the cash assistance component of the program.

    Child Safety Seat Program  

The state of Arizona issues traffic tickets and fines to parents and legal guardians who do not restrain their children in a car safety seat while driving. A fund for purchasing child safety seats is established from the fines levied.  The DES Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility (DBME) purchases passenger restraints and distributes them to responsible agencies.  These are licensed hospitals, health clinics, and public or private agencies providing shelter services to the homeless and victims of domestic violence.


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