FAQs - Client Services Trust Fund

What is the Client Services Trust Fund?

The Client Services Trust Fund is a one-time assistance fund that was established to assist people with developmental disabilities and their families to reach the goal of increased independence. The Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council reviews and approves expenditures which meet the program goals.

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What are the Client Services Trust Fund program goals?

The goals of the Client Services Trust Fund are to promote self-determination and provide creative supports which increase participation in the community or improve an individual's quality of life.

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Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who is eligible to receive supports through the Division of Developmental Disabilities is eligible to apply for assistance. In all cases, the following criteria must be met:

  • The requested item is not available through alternative programs;
  • The individual or family member commits to contribute partial funding or in-kind supports;
  • The individual or family member demonstrates financial need for assistance;
  • People who are lawfully in the United States of America.
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What is covered?

The Council will review and authorize expenditures for single item one-time requests, up to the limit of available funds, for requests that assist an individual to more fully participate in community life or increase quality of life. The Client Services Trust Fund does not cover ongoing needs such as housing, utilities, child care or past due bills. The Council is unable to fund the purchase of vehicles, but may cover the cost of repairs or modifications to vehicles.

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What are the funding limitations?

Each year the Council determines the maximum amount of funds available for the program. The maximum amount of award per individual per request is $3,500.00. Individuals or their family members may make only one request per funding award period. Individuals or their families may receive funding only once per 12 month period. Diapers, if approved, will be funded for one and one half cases per month up to $800. Requests for reimbursement or for services already rendered will not be considered. Awards for dental services are made in accordance with the AHCCCS fee schedule. Award decisions by the Council are final.

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How are awards determined?

Applications are ranked into three award areas:

  1. Health and safety - allows for the purchase of items or supports which, if not received, would place the individual at significant risk
  2. Maintenance - allows for the purchase of items or supports that allow the individual to continue his/her current level of assisted or independent living
  3. Enhancement - allows for the purchase of items or supports that will improve or increase the individual's quality of life.

Within these areas, awards are prioritized with consideration given to:

  • Amount of supports an individual currently receives
  • Degree of financial need
  • Likelihood of funding to have a long term, positive impact
  • Demonstration that use of the funding will support the family's integrity and prevent the need for residential placement or that it will foster a smoother transition to more independent living (for an adult with a developmental disability)
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How do I apply?

You must complete an application and a financial need statement (English, 176 KB DOC ; Español, 177 KB DOC). You must include the number of people living in the household and the total household income. Applications may be obtained through your Support Coordinator or by calling the Client Services Trust Fund Coordinator at 602.542.0419. Applications are reviewed two times per year.

The application process takes approximately 60 days from the application deadline. If awarded, applicants will receive a letter of award which will include any additional requirements to receive funding. Incomplete applications will not considered for funding. You may reapply at the next award cycle with complete information.

Applicants should submit any additional documentation such as estimates or letters of justification to assist the Council in evaluating the request. You must include at least two estimates, however requests for diapers do not require an estimate and requests for dental services only require one estimate. If you need assistance in completing your application, contact your Support Coordinator.

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