Quick Connect FAQs:
How to Process an Application

This tutorial is to help instruct users on the appropriate steps that are necessary to process an application within the Family Home Licecensing online system (Quick Connect).

What is the first step in processing a renewal in Quick Connect?

Agency Supervisor is the ONLY role within the agency that has the permission rights of being able to ‘create a request’. This can be initiated by choosing a renewal application on the Create Request Screen > create a request menu. (Specific Manual on How to Create a Request is available)

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Who can submit any application from the agency?

Only the Agency Supervisor can submit an application to OLCR by clicking on the ‘submit’ button within the review screen.

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Can an application be submitted to OLCR if any of the boxes in the review is not ‘checked’ off?

No, all of the areas / sections within the application and home study would need to be filled in within the specific licensee ID# by the designated licensing staff.

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How do you save information within the particular section in the home study or family application?

A worker can save information by pressing the “next’ button or choosing one of the home study section on the left hand menu (orange).

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Will Quick Connect give the worker the ability to amend / add / delete a section within the home study prior to submitting it to OLCR?

Yes, a worker can make changes within a homes study prior to the supervisor submitting the application / home study to OLCR by pressing the submit button.

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Can an agency make any changes within the application or home study once it has been submitted to OLCR?

No, if the licensing worker needs to amend the home study by processing an addendum to the initial / renewal application, that worker would need to inform the designated OLCR worker reviewing the application informing him / her that additional information is needed within the case prior to OLCR supervisor processing the sub review decision. With this needed information that needs to be captured in the application, the application status would need to be set to following:

  • D. Additional Information Request

Once OLCR has set status to ‘additional info status’ agency worker can add / make changes in the home study.

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What home study format will be used during the renewal phase?

There is only one (1) home study format in Quick Connect. The goal within Quick Connect was to assure that consistent information is provided / inputted by the agency worker. Licensing worker will need to update and input pertinent sections to capture information within that given year to process a renewal.

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Will the home study be used to capture information in processing amendments?

Yes, pertinent section within the home study will need to be filled in based on the type of amendment being processed. (See procedure)

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How will an agency or OLCR DDD Liaison provide updates / addendum to the application that has been submitted and being reviewed by an OLCR by an OLCR staff?

If an agency needs to update or make changes on an application that has been submitted to OLCR, OLCR supervisor, upon the substantive review phase will need to set the application status to ‘additional information needed’ to allow the agency worker to make updates / changes on the home study.



OLCR is requesting that the agency worker DO NOT erase or Overwrite the Initial information that was submitted at the initial phase. The required Or additional information being requested needs to be inputted on a separate paragraph within the home study section.

11-1-06: Information needed by OLCR in clarifying the adult household member………


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Will the agency have to resubmit an application once they have completed the ‘additional info needed’ by OLCR in the home study? ( based on# 7 question)

No. Agency worker will need to make a courtesy call / e-mail to the assigned OLCR worker informing OLCR worker that the information(s) needed has been inputted in the appropriate sections within the home study.. OLCR worker/ supervisor will need to set status of ‘additional information received’ to proceed on with the substantive review in determining fitness of applicant.

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Is the Family required to use Quick Connect? If not, who is responsible to input and assure that the information within the application is inputted and is accurate prior to submittal to OLCR?

It is our intent to communicate to a prospective and current family the benefits of this new application. We can not force upon the family to utilize Quick Connect. Licensing Agencies will be required to ensure that the application is inputted during the initial phase and updated thereafter if the family has acknowledge to not utilize the system.. Agencies will need to have the family fill out the ‘hard copy’ application and input or transfer the information from the hard copy to the assigned Licensee ID specific to the family in Quick Connect.

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