Health-e-Arizona Plus Application for Benefits


Health-e-Arizona Plus is an on-line application for Arizona Residents. You can apply for medical coverage, Nutrition Assistance (formerly know as the Food Stamp program), and cash assistance. You can use Health-e-Arizona Plus even if you have applied before or are currently receiving benefits. Visit Health-e-Arizona PlusExternal Link Icon and apply on-line today! Complete and submit the Health-e-Arizona Plus application for Nutrition Assistance, TANF and AHCCCS Health Insurance.
  • View and confirm receipt of your application on-line
  • Fax your verification documents, and view and confirm your verification documents on-line
  • Renew your benefits on-line
Need Help Applying Online

If you would like someone to help you complete the on-line application you may contact one of our community partners. Going to a community partner will help minimize the time spent at the DES local office. Also, many community partners offer other services that help people with little or no income. Visit the Arizona Community Action Find HelpExternal Link Icon page to find out where you can find help near your home. 

Health-e-Arizona Plus es una solicitud electrónica para los residentes de Arizona. Usted puede aplicar para cobertura Médica, Asistencia Nutriciónal (Estampillas de Comida), y Asistencia Financiera. Usted puede usar Health-e-Arizona Plus aunque ya haya aplicado anteriormente o si actualmente recibe beneficios. Visita Health-e-Arizona PlusExternal Link Icon y solicite por sitio Web Hoy!

  • Completar y someter la solicitud Health-e-Arizona Plus para Asistencia Nutriciónal, TANF, y Seguro Medico AHCCCS por sitio Web
  • Revisar y confirmar que recibió sus documentos de verificación por sitio Web
  • Enviar sus documentos de verificación por fax, y revisar y confirmar que recibió sus documentos de verificación por sitio Web
  • Revisar sus beneficios por sitio Web  

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