Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) for Cash Assistance (CA)

To be eligible for Cash Assistance (CA) or Two-Parent Employment Program (TPEP) benefits, you (unless you are applying only for children) must sign the CA Personal Responsibility Agreement (26 KB PDF) / CA Acuerdo De Responsabilidad Personal (31 KB PDF) or the TPEP Personal Responsibility Agreement (45 KB DOC) / TPEP Acuerdo De Responsabilidad Personal (49 KB DOC). By signing the PRA, you agree that household members will:

  • prepare for and accept a job;
  • make sure all children ages 6 through 15 attend school;
  • keep the children's immunizations up to date;
  • cooperate with the rules of Cash Assistance (CA), the Jobs Administration, and Child Care Administration; and
  • cooperate with the Division of Child Support Enforcement, when applicable.

If you have GOOD CAUSE for not cooperating with the Personal Responsibility Agreement requirements, notify your eligibility interviewer.

When PRA is required, your benefits will be denied if you refuse to sign it.  When you are approved and you do not cooperate with the conditions of the Personal Responsibility Agreement, the household will be penalized as follows:

  • First time: 25 percent reduction of the family's CA benefits 
  • Second time: 50 percent reduction of the family's CA benefits
  • Third and all subsequent times after reapplication: CA benefits are stopped

Individuals in your household may still be eligible for AHCCCS Health Insurance (Medical Assistance) even if your CA benefits are penalized.

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