Apply for AHCCCS Health Insurance 
(Medical Assistance)

The same application is used to apply for Medical, Cash and Nutrition (formerly Food Stamps Program) Assistance.

Step One:

Gather information needed to apply.

Step Two: Complete an application for benefits

Three ways to apply:

  1. You may apply online at Health-E-Arizona PlusExternal Link Icon. (Please note that although much of the information is submitted via the online application some additional information will need to be Faxed to complete the application.  Fax cover sheets are provided on the ‘Providing Documents’ tab of the Health-E-Arizona PlusExternal Link Icon web site.)
  2. Download the application FA-001 (430 KB PDF) and submit by mail, by Fax, or in person to your local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) office. When renewing your benefits, the same application is used.
  3. You can apply at a local DES/FAA office. 

Step Three: Turn in your application

Turning in your application and required documentation gets the process started.  Once FAA receives your application, we can begin to determine if you qualify for benefits.

After the Application  

You will receive notification regarding the eligibility decision via mail.



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