Do I Qualify for AHCCCS Health Insurance (Medical Assistance)?

There are several types of Medical Assistance (MA) with different eligibility criteria, mostly dependent on the individual or family’s income, resources, and residency in Arizona.

The Family Assistance Administration (FAA) determines eligibility for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment SystemExternal Link Icon (AHCCCS, pronounced access) Health Insurance.  A determination is made within 45 days; 20 days, if pregnant; or 7 days, if hospitalized. If applicants are not eligible for these programs FAA refers the application to AHCCCS to determine eligibility for other medical programs provided by AHCCCS.

Individuals can pre-screen their eligibility for medical assistance and many other health and human service programs on-line at: Link Icon  


Under state and federal laws, individuals who qualify for medical assistance – except for Federal Emergency Medical Services – must be either U.S. citizens or qualified immigrants.External Link Icon  


To be eligible for AHCCCS Health Insurance, an applicant’s income must be less than or equal to the appropriate income limit for the category of coverage that they are potentially eligible for. Income limits and calculations differ for the various categories of coverage. Information about income limits may be found on the AHCCCS web site at www.azahcccs.govExternal Link Icon and in Arizona's Eligibility Policy Manual (EPM) at the web link displayed at the bottom of this page.


Newborn babies born to AHCCCS Health Insurance eligible mothers may receive medical coverage for one year, as long as the baby continues to live in Arizona.

Other Insurance

Can I have other health insurance and still be eligible for AHCCCS Health Insurance?

Yes, for the majority of the AHCCCS program, but we will ask your insurance company to pay their share first. You must tell us about any other health insurance coverage you have and/or when it ends.

Also, AHCCCS is entitled to recover their costs incurred in providing medical care to persons when another party is found responsible to pay for these costs. Another person may be found responsible to pay medical costs when medical expenses are incurred due to an injury or when a person has been involved in an accident or a medical malpractice.

Additional eligibility details are found in Arizona's Eligibility Policy Manual (EPM) External Link Icon.

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