Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Intensive Services

Intensive services are provided to adults and dislocated workers who are not able to obtain employment or who remain underemployed after utilizing core services. An individual must have received at least one core service such as an initial assessment that determines that individual’s need for these services.

Individuals may be employed but need these services in order to obtain or retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency. Intensive services may include:

  • comprehensive assessments of skill levels and need
  • in-depth evaluation to identify employment barriers and appropriate employment goals
  • group and individual counseling and career planning
  • case management
  • short-term prevocational services that might include development of learning and communication skills and professional conduct to prepare individuals for unsubsidized employment
  • supportive services
  • and development of an individual employment plan to identify employment goals, appropriate achievement objectives and services that will help the individual employment goals

Core Services
Training Services

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