Independent Living Blind Program

The Rehabilitation Adjustment and Employment Services (RAES) Unit is a statewide support, consultation and training service to the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), serving clients who are blind or visually impaired. Services are provided by RSA SBVID (Service for Blind/Visually Impaired & Deaf) staff and community providers.

The following services are provided:

  • Rehabilitation Teaching
  • Orientation & Mobility
  • Orientation & Adjustment to Blindness

The Rehabilitation Teacher instructs in the following areas:

  • Home Management - Food preparation, sewing, home maintenance, etc.
  • Personal Management - Financial planning, medication management, diabetic adaptive techniques, etc.
  • Communications - Braille, keyboarding techniques, handwriting guides, talking books, etc.
  • Adaptive equipment (watches, clocks, etc.).
  • Low Vision - Use of magnifiers and other low vision devices.

Orientation & Mobility

  • The Orientation & Mobility Specialist instructs in sighted guide, long cane travel, bus travel, support cane skills and low vision aids.

Orientation & Adjustment to Blindness

  • Provides an introduction to blindness
  • Provides available resources for blindness in Arizona
  • Provides assistance in adjustment to blindness

The individual must have a visual impairment which is serious enough to inhibit independence in one or more major life areas. Medical information (visual and health) may be needed to document disability.

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