Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

What is BEP?

This program, in a close partnering relationship with rehabilitation services administration's vocational rehabilitation program, offers legally blind persons the opportunity to become independent entrepreneurs capable of achieving their fullest potential through self-employment.

How does it work?

The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor, following evaluation, places the individual in a formal training program which includes management practices, food service and vending operations, retailing, marketing, sanitation, accounting, and personnel functions among others. Upon satisfactory completion of this extensive training, the individual, through the VR Counselor, may apply for placement in a BEP facility.

What about BEP funding?

There are no state funds required to support any phase of the business enterprise program. All funds are derived from vending machine income, operator's contributions, based on a percentage of their facility profit(s) and matching funds from federal programs and grants.

Let's get started!

Together the Arizona Business Enterprise Program and Vocational Rehabilitation have a unique opportunity to contribute to the well being of the blind community here in Arizona. Being self-supporting through one's own efforts is fundamental to the American way of life. Today, thousands of blind Americans are living proof that this program works. New challenges and opportunities are always present. In the true spirit of partnering the BEP solicits input from all government and private sector employees in order to develop new locations for the food service facilities, vending locations and retail operations.

BEP Operator Information


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