Unemployment Insurance Benefits Appeals

Overview of Appeals


Overview of Appeals

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is paid to an individual (claimant) who meets eligibility requirements under the law. Initial decisions about Ul benefits are generally issued through a Determination of Deputy. An interested party who disagrees with the Determination of Deputy has the right to appeal and have a hearing. Appeals are heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the Office of Appeals.

The following is meant to provide a brief description of UI appeal hearings. It is intended to inform, not to advise. The statements contained herein do not have the force and effect of law or rules and regulations. If you do not fully understand the law or your rights in the appeal process, contact one of our offices. A Docket Officer (an ALJ other than the one who will hear your case or a paralegal) will be glad to answer your questions. Note: the ALJ assigned to your case cannot discuss the case except during the hearing.

What is the Office of Appeals?

The Office of Appeals is a statewide office that provides impartial due process hearings to resolve disputed matters in programs administered by the Department of Economic Security (DES). One of those programs is Unemployment Insurance (UI). 

Filing an Appeal
Hearings Overview
Preparing for the Hearing
Registering for the Hearing
Attending the Hearing
At the Hearing
After the Hearing 
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