Electronic Payment Card for Receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits

What is an Electronic Payment Card?

Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit payments are made through a debit card system. If you qualify for UI benefits, you will automatically be enrolled in the Electronic Payment Card (EPC) program. You should receive your EPC card by mail within a week after your initial application is processed; provided you are monetarily eligible (refer to your Wage Statement UB-107). The EPC works exactly like your bank debit card and offers an easy, safe and convenient way to access your benefit payments. With the EPC, you can access your cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-of-Sale retailers throughout the state and across the country.

When will I receive my Electronic Payment Card?

If you are determined monetarily eligible (link to eligibility information page), you should receive your EPC card by mail within a week after your UI application is processed.

The EPC card is issued directly from Bank of America. You will receive the card and a welcome package which includes various introductory materials (the EPC card and the informational materials are mailed separately). Your EPC card will be mailed to you in a plain envelope with no markings (such as the bank logo); please be careful not to discard the envelope before removing the card.

What do I need to do activate my Electronic Payment Card?

You must contact Bank of America to activate your card at 1 (855) 847-2030 (be prepared to select your access code and create a PIN). Once your card is activated, you can access your EPC account information online. External Link Icon

For hearing impaired individuals, the TTY number is 1 (866) 656-5913. There is no charge for this service.

How do I check to see what the balance is on my Electronic Payment Card?

EPC account information is available online, just go to www.bankofamerica.com/azdesEPC and have your card number and PIN ready.

Or contact Bank of America: 1 (855) 847-2030. Hearing-impaired customers call TTY: 1 (866) 656-5913. There is no charge for this service.

Why doesn't my Electronic Payment Card show a balance?

Your EPC card will have a zero balance until your first benefit payment has processed. You can review your UI claim information online to determine the status of your benefit payments. Visit our How to Obtain Payment Information page for more information. UI benefit payments are released once your application is processed and you have met all eligibility requirements. If you are filing a new claim, you will be required to serve a Waiting Week (no payment is made for this week). Also, if issues were detected on your UI application, the Department will need to determine whether you will be entitled to benefits. It could take up to three weeks to determine eligibility. If you meet all eligibility requirements and payments are released, it may take up to 2 business days to post to your EPC account.

If you have checked your UI claim information online or by telephone and find that a payment was issued and the amount is not showing up on your EPC; you must contact Bank of America at 1-855-847-2030 (Hearing-impaired customers call TTY: 1 (866) 656-5913). Note: if you have chosen to receive benefit payments through direct deposit instead of using the EPC, you must contact your personal bank/credit union directly.

Are there fees associated with my Electronic Payment Card?

In most cases, there are no fees accessed when you use your EPC at a Bank of America in-network ATM. View the Bank of America's Fee Schedule for Arizona DES Electronic Payment Card transactions. External Link Icon

To locate an ATM that will accept your EPC, you can:

When does my Electronic Payment Card expire?

The EPC is active for three years from the date it is issued. This means that if you should file and qualify for another new UI claim (after your current benefit year expires) payments will be deposited into your existing EPC account. If you file for benefits after the three-year period, you will receive another card (but keep the same account number with a new expiration date). You should keep the first card until its expiration date.

Who do I contact if I lose my Electronic Payment Card?

If you have lost your EPC, contact Bank of America Customer Service immediately at 1 (855) 847-2030.

For hearing-impaired customers, the TTY number is 1 (866) 656-5913. There is no charge for this service.

Can I have my benefit payments deposited directly into my checking or savings account?

If you would rather have your benefit payments directly deposited to a checking or savings account of your choice, complete the Agreement for Direct Deposit Form UIB-1091A (71 KB DOC). The form may only be submitted by mail; instructions and the mailing address are included on the form. Please note: if you previously signed up for direct deposit to your checking or savings account, have not filed a weekly claim for more than four weeks and your benefit year has not yet expired, you will need to complete the direct deposit form again.

There is a transition period between the time that your EPC is deactivated and the change to direct deposit is set up-paper checks will be issued to you (provided you are eligible for benefit payments) during this time. After direct deposit is set up, if there are any changes (the account is closed, for example) to the checking or savings account to which your UI benefit payments are deposited, you must notify us immediately. Refer to the instructions on the first page of the Agreement for Direct Deposit Form UIB-1091A (71 KB DOC).

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