Arizona Employment Service Registration

Registration with the Arizona Employment Service is required to continue receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits.  This registration process has been incorporated into the UI Benefits online initial claim application

No additional action is required from you unless you previously registered through the AZ Job ConnectionExternal Link Icon (or Virtual One Stop System/VOS) online system and identifying information entered on your application for UI benefits does not match their records.  You will be notified by the Department (by postal mail) of the necessary steps you will be required to complete to successfully register. If you do not complete the steps to fulfill the Employment Service registration requirement within the allotted time period, benefit payments will be held up or denied.

In addition to Employment Service registration, the AZ Job ConnectionExternal Link Icon offers a full range of features and services to assist you in your employment needs including researching the job market, analyzing your career, and more.  

The AZ Job ConnectionExternal Link Icon maintains your job-seeking information, such as career searches and occupations, in an easy-to-use file folder structure. This eliminates the need to conduct repeated searches for the same information, saving you time and effort.

Registered individuals have access to:

  • a personal file folder that contains information on saved searches, system settings, and other information
  • career assessment tools, including skills matching, that help match a person's qualifications and abilities to specific occupations;
  • a home page with customized news content;
  • creation of resumes and cover letters; and
  • automated job searches that deliver job opportunities to your system message box, an email address you provide, or both.

Visit the AZ Job ConnectionExternal Link Icon to take advantage of the many job-seeker resources.  If you previously registered and have forgotten your User ID or Password, contact the Help Desk:

Phone: (602) 542-2460
Email: (do not include your Social Security Number in your email message). 

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