Employer Handbook on Unemployment Insurance Benefit Claims
Unemployment Benefit Claims Overview

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Interstate Unemployment Benefit Claims

A former worker who no longer resides in Arizona may file a claim for unemployment benefits based on wages earned from your firm. This is referred to as an "interstate" claim. The worker's eligibility for benefits and charges to your unemployment account are determined in the same manner as if the worker had filed the claim in Arizona.

In other instances, a worker may have last worked in Arizona but the claim is based on wages earned in another state. You may receive a notice that the claim was filed, along with a request for information concerning the worker's reason for separation from your employment. When you return the form within the specified time period (the time varies among states), you are assisting in determining the claimant's eligibility to receive unemployment benefits. In most cases, however, payment of benefits will not affect your unemployment account. 

Determining Eligibility for Benefits
Notice to Employer of Benefit Claim Filing
Protesting a Benefit Claim
How Your UI Taxes Fund Benefit Payments
Detection and Prevention of Improper Benefit Payments
Interstate Unemployment Benefit Claims
Extended Unemployment Benefits
Labor Disputes
How to Keep your UI Costs Down

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