Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers

The Department of Economic Security’s Employment Administration recognizes that the current economic downturn compounds Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers obstacles to economic self-sufficiency and continues to work with partners to develop new strategies to ensure access to employment and training opportunities available with the assistance of Recovery Act funds.

The Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFW) Program provides services through One-Stop Career Center/Labor Exchange System (OSCC/LX) to the agricultural community, agricultural employers, Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals and Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers.

The program’s mission is to assist MSFW and LEP individuals in making career and labor market decisions that will help them achieve economic self-sufficiency and improved living and working conditions.

MSFW outreach specialists have an extensive background in farm work to ensure that they are aware of and sensitive to socio-economic and cultural issues in agricultural communities.

This non-discriminatory program:

  • covers MSFW benefits and protections;
  • provides vocational counseling, testing, job development and job referral services;
  • is personalized to meet the needs of families and individuals;
  • is accessible, accountable and comprehensive;
  • is culturally and linguistically appropriate and respectful;
  • is coordinated across systems to allow smooth transition between programs;
  • is evaluated for outcomes;
  • emphasizes prevention and early intervention; and
  • builds community capacity to serve families and individuals.

Its bank of computerized career information:

  • provides access to state Job Bank resources, institutions, and organizations that provide training, development and distribution of state and local workforce information, and
  • allows job seekers, employers, job training providers and planners, and economic developers to obtain information about job opportunities, regional job vacancies, labor supply, labor market or workforce trends, and the market situation in particular industries. 

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