Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment and Training

(Formerly Food Stamp Employment and Training)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment and Training Program (SNA E&T) is the mandatory employment and training program for adults in households receiving Nutrition Assistance. The Program is intended to prevent long-term reliance on the Nutrition Assistance subsidy.  SNA E&T provides the opportunity for individuals receiving Nutrition Assistance to find adequate employment by engaging in work-related activities. Individuals receiving Nutrition Assistance benefits are required to participate in SNA E&T, unless determined to be exempt.  The SNA E&T program emphasizes self-sufficiency through employment.


Employment related services may be available to help individuals find, accept and keep employment during their transition from Nutrition Assistance dependency to economic independence.

Eligibility and Participation

The Family Assistance Administration (FAA), responsible for determining Nutrition Assistance eligibility, refers all non-exempt Nutrition Assistance recipients to SNA E&T.

Exempt members include persons with disabilities, minor children, persons age 60 and over and some persons with a child under age six.

SNA E&T notifies non-exempt recipients by mail of their responsibility to attend an initial appointment.  The notification contains information regarding rescheduling options if the appointment cannot be kept.  It is very important to keep all appointments.  Failure to keep an appointment without good cause subjects the recipient, and in some cases their entire household, to disqualification.

The first disqualification results in the loss of benefits for one month.  The second disqualification results in the loss of benefits for three months.  The third and any subsequent disqualifications results in the loss of benefits for six months.

Rights and Responsibilities

Households are required to complete SNA E&T Program work activity assignments.  Each household member has the right to work with SNA E&T Program staff to develop a plan for getting a job.  Adults are expected to get a job as soon as possible in order to support themselves and their children.  If you are not satisfied with the DES/FAA eligibility decision, you may request a fair hearing (30 KB PDF) to appeal actions taken by DES/FAA.

Common Myths

Myth: Employers will hire only those Nutrition Assistance recipients who have received education and training.
Fact: Employers rate a positive attitude and reliability as the most important traits for entry-level jobs.

Myth: Those individuals with low work skills and or language barriers cannot work.
Fact: Individuals with these challenges have benefited the most from the SNA E&T Program activities and services in finding employment.

For More Information

View the Policy Manual (647 KB PDF).

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