Federal Bonding Program

The Federal Bonding Program is a hiring incentive that guarantees employers the honesty of at-risk job seekers. Federal financing of Fidelity Bond insurance, issued free-of-charge to employers, enables the delivery of bonding services as a unique job placement tool to assist ex-offenders and other at-risk/hard-to-place job applicants including, but not limited to:

  • ex-offenders,
  • recovering substance abusers (alcohol or drugs),
  • welfare recipients and other persons having poor financial credit,
  • economically disadvantaged youth and adults who lack a work history, and
  • individuals dishonorably discharged from the military.

The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding to employers, in increments of $5,000, for the first six months of employment for the hard-to-place job applicants.

Bonding Services Coordinator
Employment Administration
Arizona Department of Economic Security
P.O. Box 6123
Site Code 734T
Phoenix, AZ 85005
Phone: (602) 771-0906
Fax: (602) 256-1366

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