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Employment Service is a network of public employment offices providing placement services for job seekers and labor force recruitment services for employers. The Employment Service focuses on providing a variety of employment-related labor exchange services including, but not limited to, job search assistance, job referral and placement assistance for jobseekers, re-employment services to Unemployment Insurance claimants, and recruitment services for employers with job openings. 

The Department of Labor allocates money to the states, primarily from the Unemployment Trust Fund, with some funds coming from general revenues. The Unemployment Trust Fund consists of monies collected from employers' unemployment insurance payroll taxes. 

Employment Service assistance is available to all job seekers and employers. The Employment Service refers individuals to jobs for which they are best qualified and provides other services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or mental or physical status (disability) unrelated to job performance. 

Employment Service help in the community by:  Providing community leaders with labor market information on the numbers and kinds of skilled workers in the area. Community leaders can use this information to attract industries to their localities.  Having Employment Service representatives as members of the Local Workforce Development Boards to assist with planning programs operated by state, city, and other local government units. Through close contact with both employers and jobless workers, these representatives can help the community leaders identify the types of training that will prepare unemployed workers for needed local jobs. In addition, local employer committees have been formed to advise the Employment Service on ways to improve all of its services so it can be more responsive to the needs of the total community. 

Local offices routinely receive employers' requests for workers to fill a wide range of jobs from entry level to highly qualified. Among them are professional, technical, and managerial positions, clerical and sales jobs, service occupations, manufacturing work, agricultural employment, machine trades, and skilled crafts.  

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