Arizona Child Support Settlement Program

Did you know the Arizona Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) offers a Settlement Program that may provide a “helping hand” with paying off past-due child support? 

When life changing events occur, noncustodial parents (NCP) may end up owing both current and past-due child support.  There are times when a NCP may be unable to pay child support and end up with a past-due balance.  For example, there may be a job loss due to a change in the economy or a reduction in work hours.

If you currently owe on past-due child support you may be eligible to participate in the Settlement Program.  If you are interested in discussing a settlement offer, please contact a DCSS representative by:

1. Stopping into one of our local offices, or

2. Calling our Customer Service Center at 602-252-4045, or toll-free at 1-800-882-4151

Why settle an arrears balance?

Past-due support may include amounts owed to the custodial parent (CP), the State of Arizona, or to both.  The Settlement Program may provide the NCP with an opportunity to pay off past-due child support.  Additionally, a settlement may provide the CP with a lump sum for the arrears owed on the case.  Some of the advantages to settling an outstanding arrears balance may include the following: 

  • NCP may become current on the monthly child support obligation
  • CP and children are assisted by receiving a lump sum for the arrears balance
  • The following may be stopped:  Interest accruing on the arrears, credit bureau reporting, and/or income tax intercepts
  • Opportunity for case closure
  • Modification of wage withholdings

Frequently Asked Questions about the Settlement Program

  • What is the Settlement Program?

    The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) started the Settlement Program to assist Arizona families and parents with the burden of a large arrears balance by providing an opportunity to pay off past-due support.  The State’s role is not to advocate the amount of the settlement, but rather, to facilitate an offer that is appropriate for the State and the parties of the case.  Participation in the Settlement Program is a voluntary program for the NCP, CP, and the State.

  • My wages are being withheld; will a settlement offer stop the withholding?

    The wage withholding may be stopped by DCSS if the case is an arrears only case and there is no current support obligation accruing.  The wage withholding may be changed to current support only if the current child support obligation is being paid.

  • What happens with credit reporting when my settlement offer is completed?

    If there is still an active Arizona child support order after a settlement payment, the case will continue to be reported to the credit reporting agencies. 
    If a case is closed due to a settlement payment, the case will be reported to the reporting agencies as closed.  


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