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 No Wrong Door / Office

Did you know that you can go into any Arizona child support office to make a child support payment, pick up an application, drop off/pick up paperwork, ask a question or get general information?  If you are aware that your case is in the process of court action, you may have to go to the office where your case is assigned to speak directly with your assigned case worker. 


Zip Codes Reassigned

Are you a parent with custody of your child?  Do you have a child support case with the Division of Child Support Service (DCSS)?  Do you live in zip code 85301, 85303, 85305, or 85008?  If so, your case has been reassigned to a different office.  Click here for your reassigned location information.  Please note:  If you are aware that your case is currently scheduled for court actions, it will not be transferred to the new location until the court actions are completed.  

 Electronic Pay Card (EPC) Changing to New Vendor  

Important: The DCSS uses an EPC system for issuing child support payments for clients who opt out of receiving payments using direct deposit.  Effective October1, 2013, Bank of America became the new servicing bank.  The EPC card was replaced with a new card issued by Bank of America.   new arrow See the   EPC YouTube Video  .External Link Icon  

Be sure to keep DCSS informed of your current address! If DCSS does not have your current address, immediately contact  DCSS Customer Service  to update your address. 

 Social Security Benefits and Child Support  

Have you ever wondered how Social Security benefits are included, or not included, in the child support progress? Have you ever asked yourself, "How are Social Security benefits treated when calculating child support? Or, "Can my Child support payment be withheld from my Social Security benefits?" If you have, then follow this link
 Social Security and Child Support in Arizona  to read more.

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