The Most Frequently Asked Questions For the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)  
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Child Support Services Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Get/Apply For Child Support Services From Child Support Services (e.g. The State) 
2. How To Contact Your Local Clerk Of The Court 
3. Paternity 
4. Establishing A Child Support Order 
5. Locating An Alleged Father Of A Child Or A Noncustodial Parent 
6. Intergovernmental Cases and Actions 
7. Modifying Your Existing Child Support Order 
8. Sanctions
9. Domestic Violence 
10. Medical Support 
11. Transferring Rights To Child Support 
12. Closing A Case 
13. Glossary of Terms Used By DCSS And Child Support 
14. The Arizona Electronic Payment Card (EPC) 
15. How To Contact DCSS Customer Service By Using The DCSS Email Server 
16. Employer FAQ 
17. Child Support Collections Fees
18. Your Comments-Our Responses 
 19. Myth vs. Fact 
Support Enforcement and Enforcement Remedy Frequently Asked Questions
1. Income Withholding Orders (IWO) 
2. Employer Contempt Actions 
3. Limited Income Withholding Orders (LIWO) 
4. Unemployment Insurance Benefit Deduction (Intercept) 
5. Bankruptcy 
6. Bank Account Levy and Liens 
7. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Federal Income Tax Intercept 
8. Department of Revenue - State Income Tax Intercept
9. Credit Bureau Reporting 
10. License Suspension 
11. Passport Denial 
12. Administrative Lien 
13. Lottery Winnings 
14. Worker's Compensation Benefits
15. Privacy & Safeguarding Information 
16. What Other Actions Can Be Taken To Collect Support 
17. Administrative Reviews 


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