Basic Information on Destiny
The name, age and city, town or general location of residence of the child who has suffered the fatality or near fatality: The victim is Destiny, a 3-year-old girl from Phoenix.
The fact that a child suffered a near fatality or fatality as the result of abuse, abandonment or neglect: Information available indicates this is a near-fatality as a result of abuse.
The name, age and city, town or general location of residence of the alleged perpetrator, if available: The alleged perpetrator is Mia Speed, 40, of Phoenix. Ms. Speed was arrested by Phoenix police on October 14, 2008.
Whether there have been reports, or any current or past cases, of child abuse, abandonment or neglect involving the child and the current alleged abusive or neglectful parent, guardian or custodian: There has been one prior report to the state Child Abuse Hotline alleging that Mia Speed neglected Destiny. That report was received and investigated in 2005. Although there was no finding of neglect at that time, CPS maintained an open case to provide services to the family. Due to the family’s lack of progress in services and additional risks factors identified in CPS’ work with the family, Destiny and two other children were removed from the home in May 2006. While the children were in out-of-home care, CPS provided reports on the family’s progress to the court. In February 2008, the court determined that the children could return to the home. The family successfully completed the reunification plan in May 2008; the court dismissed its case and the CPS case was subsequently closed.
Actions taken by CPS in response to the fatality or near fatality of the child: Child Protective Services is jointly investigating the allegations with Phoenix police. CPS has filed a dependency petition with the court regarding all the children in the home. As of 10/15/08, Destiny remains hospitalized; the other three children are in CPS care.


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