Information Needed to Complete Your Case

Whether you are applying for the first time or reapplying, the items listed below MAY be needed to determine eligibility. Tell your Eligibility Interviewer (EI) if you need help finding or showing proof of the documents. Please bring all current information to your interview; this will help to speed up the eligibility process.

  • Identification (I.D.) for applicant for Cash Assistance (CA) and Nutrition Assistance (NA).
  • Proof of citizenship and identity for everyone who is applying for AHCCCS Health Insurance (Medical Assistance or MA), Cash Assistance (CA), and Nutrition Assitance (NA).
  • Alien Registration Cards, if there are non-U.S. citizens in your household.
  • Social Security numbers for everyone, or proof that a Social Security number has been applied for.
  • Birth certificates for everyone.
  • Name, address & daytime phone number of landlord or neighbor.
  • A statement verifying your address and the names of everyone living with you. The statement must be made by a non-relative who doesn’t live with you.  It must be signed, dated and include that person's address and telephone number.
  • Proof of ALL money your household received from any source last month and this month. 
  • Proof that your employment ended and last date paid.
  • Bank or credit union (savings or checking) complete statement for the most recent month. 
  • Proof of savings bonds, securities, retirement plans and life insurance.   
  • Proof of rent/mortgage and utility bills (electric, water, gas, etc.) for the most recent month.
  • Proof of child care expenses for the most recent month.
  • Proof of all medical expenses for those who are age 60 or older or receive disability benefits if they are applying for Nutrition Assistance.
  • Proof of any medical insurance other than AHCCCS.

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