Arizona Child Providers Types

In Arizona, the regulations and regulatory agencies vary depending on the type of child care facility.

Child Care Centers
A child care center provides care for more than four children for compensation. The Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) must license all centers, except those on military bases and on Indian reservations; where children may come and go on their own; or where parents are on the premises.

DHS monitors licensed centers to ensure they meet licensing requirements: View Arizona regulations for Child Care CentersExternal Link Icon

DHS licensed child care centers may contract with DES to care for children whose families receive DES assistance to pay for child care.

In-Home Child Care
Hiring someone to come to your home to care for your child is known as home care. Arizona does not require in-home caregivers to be regulated. Some in-home caregivers may be certified by DES. DES certified caregivers may care for children whose families receive DES assistance to help pay for child care.

Family Child Care Homes

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