Join The DES Volunteer Team

The Volunteer Engagement Center works with all DES programs and staff to identify volunteer opportunities in their areas and to recruit for those positions.  Volunteers are then recruited, screened and trained by DES staff and through a network of community-based contractors.

The volunteers are matched with programs and services based on their interests and the department's needs.  In order to ensure the safety of both our volunteers and the families that we work with, DES policy requires that all volunteers be registered with the department.

When volunteers register, they receive the information, training and clearance necessary to work within DES that includes:

  • Information on liability coverage and worker's compensation in the event that the volunteer is injured while working with DES.
  • Training on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regarding how to deal with confidential health information.
  • Limited English Proficiency training so the volunteer is able to assist individuals who are unable to communicate and/or understand the English language or who would prefer assistance in the language of their choice.
  • Training on the American Disabilities Act so the volunteer knows how to handle these matters and/or requests for accommodations.
  • Clearance to drive a state vehicle.  A valid driver's license is required as well as completion of the Basic Defensive Drivers Training.
  • Completion of the Basic Data Security Awareness Training to ensure that volunteers understand their responsibility in the use of state resources and for the protection of confidential material.
  • A background check and clearance card from the Department of Public Safety for volunteers who want to work with children or vulnerable adults, so that we can ensure that our clients are safe.


Anyone may volunteer.  However, individuals younger than 18 years old need written parental permission.  No formal degree is required.  DES accepts all volunteers, regardless of ancestry, color, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion and/or political affiliation.

DES employees as well as individuals receiving assistance through other DES programs may also volunteer.  In order to fully comply with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, DES employees who volunteer may only do so if the volunteer assignment is different from their paid job.

To become a volunteer, individuals may contact the Volunteer Engagement Center

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