DES’ Outlook Web Access Job Aid

DES staff have access to their Outlook Mailboxes via the web, from any computer with internet access. You can use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to do the same things you would use Outlook to do (e.g., email, calendar, contacts, tasks, out of office assistant).

This job aid describes how to log on to and log off from OWA. As OWA works in more or less the same way Outlook from your work computer does, you will likely find it easy to use once you are logged in. The Help section (click the Help link in the upper right of the screen) is very useful for learning how to use the various features of OWA, as well.

What you need before you start:

• Access to a computer with internet access.
• DES Web Mail Address 
• Your login ID (your DES D Account that you use to log in to your work computer)
• Your current DES password



     Launch your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) The information below are the results from using Internet Explorer. If you use a different browser like Mozilla or Safari your results will differ.
  2.  In the Address Bar, TYPE  
  3.  Press Enter on the keyboard or click the “Go to” arrow button.

    OWA Address Bar

    Note: If you experience a problem, check that you’ve typed https: with an “s” before the colon: otherwise you will get an error.



     The Outlook Web Access log in screen will appear.

    OWA Login Screen


  5. Ensure that “This is a public or shared computerIS selected. If not, click the circle to select it. 
  6. Ensure that “Use Outlook Web Access Light” is NOT selected. If is it, click the check box to clear it. This box is grayed out when using a browser other than Internet Explorer and you cannot uncheck it. 

  7. In the Domain/user name box, TYPE\ followed by your DES D Account you normally use to login to your work computer every day. (See the example below) 
  8. In the Password field, TYPE in your current DES password just as you would to log in to your work computer. (See the example below.)
    Login Example

     Domain\user name:\D15xxxx
     Password:  MyPass99
  9. Press ENTER or click Log On. Your Outlook mailbox will appear. (NOTE: When using OWA, your only access is to your mailbox. You do not have access to archived Outlook folders, work directories or files.) If you are not using Internet Explorer your view will be different.

    OWA Screen and Help Location


  10. You may now use OWA in much the same way that you use Outlook from your work computer. For detailed instructions on how to use the various features of OWA, CLICK the Help icon in the upper right corner of the screen and browse for the task you wish to perform.



  1. CLICK the Log Off link in the upper right corner of the screen.

    OWA Log Off

  2.  You will be prompted to close the window. Click Close Window, then click Yes to close the browser window.


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