Equal Opportunity, Web Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation

Under Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI and VII), and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Department prohibits discrimination in admissions, programs, services, activities or employment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age and disability.

 Effective Communication: The Department will generally, upon request, provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services to persons with disabilities, at no charge, to assist in effective communication and to participate equally in Department programs, services, and activities, including qualified sign language interpreters, documents in Braille, and other ways of making information and communications accessible to people who have speech, hearing, vision, learning, or other impairments.

 Modifications to Policies and Procedures: The Department will make all reasonable modifications to policies and programs, at no charge, to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy all of its programs, services, and activities.  For example, individuals with service animals are welcomed in DES offices, even where pets are generally prohibited. If you believe that you will not be able to understand or take part in a program or activity because of your disability, or need an auxiliary aid or service or a reasonable modification in policies or procedures, please let us know of your needs in advance if at all possible. To request an auxiliary aid or service, or a modification of policy or procedure, to obtain this document in alternative format, or for further information about this policy, please contact the local office listed below. TTY/TTD Services: 7-1-1.

 The ADA does not require the Department to take any action that would fundamentally alter the nature of it programs, services or activities, or impose an undue financial or administration burden on the Department.

 If you do not know the Division that corresponds to the program or service you are inquiring about, please call (602) 542-4791 (toll-free 1-800-352-8168 if you are calling from outside of Maricopa County), and you will be transferred to the appropriate person.

 For your convenience, you can link to the  Government Information and Technology Agency (GITA) policy on Web accessibility External Link Icon (465 KB PDF).

 Division ADA Coordinators
Office of the Director
Greenidge, Morris
Sinclair, Carolyn
(602) 364-3976
Division of Aging and Adult Services
Susan Santee
(602) 542-4446
Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility
Hill, Nelly 
Cannetti, Nancy
Stanley, Linda
(602) 771-7500
Division of Business and Finance
Turner, Kristen
(602) 542-4609
(602) 542-6508
 Office of Accountability
Mercurio, Cynthia, A 
Adams, Cheryl 
(602) 542-9365
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Brown, Christia
Trejo, Veronica
(602) 542-6842
Division of Child Support Services
Banks, Anthony
Matthews, Rebecca
(602) 771-8072
Division of Employment and Rehabilitation Services
Hartle, Brenda
Kay, Marcella
(602) 542-6544

(602) 364-3351
Division of Technology Services
Herndon-Jenkins, Karen
(602) 771-2930

Division of Children, Youth and Families 
Contreras, Lisa
(602) 364-3438  

Human Resources Administration
Verdugo, Fred
(602) 771-2878

 DES Americans With Disability Act Policy (291 KB PDF)

 ADA Toolbox


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