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Energy Assistance

Community Action Programs offer several programs to assist with energy assistance. The Division contracts with CAPs for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP is a Federally-funded program that helps low-income households pay their heating/cooling bills, minimize crises, and make energy costs more affordable.

Eligible energy customers may receive help in three ways:

  1. Help to pay current and past due energy bills
  2. Help with utility deposits
  3. Help with energy efficiency measures to reduce future energy costs

Who is eligible?

To qualify for the LIHEAP program, the applicant must have an income that falls within the program guidelines. Priority for service assistance is determined at the local agency level. Higher priority is granted if someone in your home is a senior citizen (60 years of age & older), a person with disabilities or a young child under six years old. These persons are especially at risk for life threatening illnesses or death if their home becomes too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

To apply for LIHEAP, you will need to provide the following documents: 

  1. State Driver’s License or Identification Card
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship
  3. Proof of permanent residence, such as a lease, deed or property tax bill
  4. Social Security cards or numbers, birth certificates or school records for all household members including children
  5. Income verification of all household members 18 years of age and older for the last 30 days (paystubs, social security, award notices, unemployment Insurance, pension funds or disability, etc.)
  6. A copy of your most current utility bill
  7. Utility Termination Notice (if you’ve received a shut-off notice or delinquent notice from your energy company)

How often can someone receive assistance?

The availability of LIHEAP assistance is not guaranteed and available on a first-come basis. LIHEAP eligibility is limited to once (in a 12 month period). Remember to contact your utility company as soon as possible when you realize you might have trouble paying your bill.

Where to Apply

To apply for the LIHEAP program, contact the local Community Action Program (CAP) in your area.

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