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Adoption is the legal process of becoming the parent to a child. It includes all of the rights and responsibilities of being a parent and includes the duty to protect the child and the responsibility to provide the child with food, shelter, education and health care, including the authority to consent to surgery or other extraordinary medical care in an emergency and the right to inheritance.

  • Who may adopt in Arizona?

    Any adult (age 18 or older) resident of this state, whether married, unmarried or legally separated is eligible to qualify to adopt children. A husband and wife may jointly adopt children.

  • What is required to adopt in Arizona?

    In Arizona adoptive parent(s) must be certified by the court as acceptable to adopt children.  A certificate will be issued only after an investigation. 

    The certification process includes:

    • written application
    • adoption orientation and training
    • a certification investigation and report to the court that considers the prospective adoptive parents' fitness to adopt children and includes:
      • social history and references
      • finances
      • moral fitness
      • physical and mental health
      • any court action regarding child abuse
      • a valid fingerprint clearance card for you and every adult member of your household
      •  any other relevant information  
  • Do I need to be certified to adopt a relative?

    If you are adopting a relative and you are the child's uncle, aunt, adult sibling, grandparent or great-grandparent, you do not have to be certified.  You will, however, need to pass a criminal and CPS background check in order to be approved by the court to adopt. 

  • How is an adoptive home for a child selected?

    When selecting an adoptive home for a child, workers consider which home would  best meet the safety, social, emotional, physical and mental health needs of the child.  Other relevant factors include:

    • placement with the child's siblings
    • placement with the child's kin
    • existing relationships between the child and the prospective adoptive
    • the wishes of the child who is 12 years of age or older. 
  • How do I begin the process to be certified to adopt a foster child?

    In Arizona, the same contracted agencies provide training and support for both foster and adoptive families.  Not all agencies work in every county.  As you interview agencies in your county you will find those who are the best fit for you and your family. 

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