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Arizona Department of Child Safety

The Office of Prevention and Family Support

The Office of Prevention and Family Support (OPFS) has a number of programs and services that strengthen communities and families facing a wide variety of needs. All families can benefit from information in helping to connect with resources to help them with the challenges of parenthood and family life. The programs range from primary prevention to intervention services.  The parent's involvement in these programs may be voluntary or as a result of a referral from Department of Child Safety (DCS). The goal of OPFS is to help parents create safe, stable and nurturing home environments that promote the safety of all family members and healthy child development.

To accomplish these goals, DES contracts with local agencies and organizations to provide services to families across Arizona.

For more information about the OPFS programs and services, please click on to the links below:

Arizona Families F.I.R.S.T.   Behavioral Health Services   Healthy Families Arizona
The Arizona Families F.I.R.S.T. program helps parents address substance abuse issues that affect their ability to care for their children or to get and keep a job. It provides the opportunity for families to overcome the barrier of substance abuse in order to reach permanency for children, family reunification and self-sufficiency.   The Behavioral Health Services unit assists the Division in achieving safety, well-being and permanency for children, youth and families by collaborating with Arizona stakeholders to fulfill the Arizona Vision for behavioral health services.   The Healthy Families Arizona program started delivering services in October of 1991 and is a credentialed, home-based, voluntary program serving families at risk during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. Voluntary home visiting matches parents with trained professionals to provide information and support during pregnancy and throughout the child's first five years, a critical developmental period.
In-Home Services   Regional Child Abuse
Prevention Councils
In-Home Services is a contracted service set-up for Department of Child Safety (DCS) families. A very important function of DCS is to identify services in order to assist in supporting and improving the family unit with the goal of maintaining children in the home and reunifying the family whenever safely possible.   Regional Child Abuse Prevention Councils educate Arizona communities about child abuse/neglect and its prevention. Councils are run by volunteers in their local communities. Act now to prevent child abuse! Join a Child Abuse Prevention Council in your area.    


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