Modify and Calculate Child Support

Modifying Your Child Support

Both custodial and noncustodial parents can request a modification of their existing child support order when there has been a significant and continuing change within the household, such as adding or changing health insurance, a loss of a job, disability, or an increase or decrease in income for either parent.

To print out and complete the modification packet in English follow this link, Modify Your Child Support Order (Instructions and Forms) 
(152 KB PDF).

To print out and complete the modification packet in Spanish follow this link, Paquete de Modificaciones del DCSS 04/01/2012 (189 KB PDF)

Once you have completed your packet, you may drop it off or mail it to your local office. If you live in Maricopa County mail your packet to: 

Modification Packet
Division of Child Support Services 
PO Box 40458
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Note: include your return address on the envelope to help ensure the timely processing of your request.

If you live outside of Maricopa County follow this link Find Our Offices, and enter your zip code to find the address of the office closest to you. 

If you have questions, or need assistance, you may contact DCSS Customer Service at 1-800-882-4151, 602-252-4045, or you can visit your local office.  

Modification Workshops:

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) will conduct modification workshops for parents with open DCSS cases on the first Thursday of every month at various locations throughout the State.

Either parent may request a modification of their child support order.

If you would like to learn more about the workshops, and when and how to modify your child support order, please follow this link:

Please Note: If you do not have an open case with DCSS, you may complete an application for services. If you choose to apply for DCSS services, once your case is open, DCSS can review your child support order for possible modification.

Calculating Child Support Payments

The Arizona Supreme Court adopted the Arizona Child Support Guidelines (245 KB PDF) for use when a child's parents are divorced, separated or unmarried. The guidelines make sure that a fair share of each parent's income and resources are given to the child.

A basic support obligation is determined using the monthly gross incomes of both parents and information about what intact families spend on their children. The parents share the basic support obligation based upon their gross incomes. The noncustodial parent's share of the obligation establishes the amount of the child support order. The amount of child support a parent pays can also be affected by the amount of parenting time (visitation) with the child. The parents also share the costs for child care, medical support and uninsured medical expenses. The child support amount calculated using the guidelines is accepted as appropriate unless either parent shows a reason for a deviation.

Instructions and guideline worksheets for calculating the amount of child support owed are available by mail or in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader formats from the Arizona Supreme Court Web site at  Child Support CalculatorExternal Link Icon.

  • The Arizona Supreme Court’s guidelines are available for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.05.
  • A Guideline Worksheet Packet can also be sent to you by contacting Customer service at 602-252-4045 and providing your name and address when prompted.


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