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Purpose of Apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeship involves learning how to do a task by performing it on the job, and also learning why it’s done that way through Related Technical Instruction. Much of the Related Technical Instruction is obtained through community colleges and technical colleges. On-the-job training and Related Technical Instruction are both vital elements required for every Registered Apprenticeship program. A skilled mentor/journeyworker is required to oversee and train the apprentice. Registered Apprenticeship, a voluntary, industry-driven system for occupations requiring a broad range of high-level skills, is full-time – paid – employment and training with built-in career placement.

The Arizona Apprenticeship system is a voluntary, industry-driven system of on-the-job training and related technical instruction, approved by the State of Arizona, sponsored by employers, employer associations, and jointly by management and labor. An apprentice, as an employee, receives supervised, structured, on-the-job work experience combined with related technical instruction in a specific occupation.

  • Minimum of 2,000 hours of On-The-Job Learning. (Hands On)
  • Minimum of 144 Hours a year of Related Technical Instruction. (Theoretical Instruction)


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