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Form NumberForm NameEffective DatePDFWord
SP09-4.10 Comprehensive System of Personnel Development 10/07/2008 119KBS
SP09-4.11(a) Results of Comprehensive Statewide Assessment 10/07/2008 98KBS
SP09-4.11(b) Annual Estimate of Individuals to be Served & Cost of Services 10/07/2008 13KBS
SP09-4.11(c)(1) Goals & Priorites 10/07/2008 34KBS
SP09-4.11(c)(3) Order of Selection 10/07/2008 86KBS
SP09-4.11(c)(4) Goals & Plans for Distribution of Title VI Part B Funds 10/07/2008 13KBS
SP09-4.11(d) Strategies 10/07/2008 83KBS
SP09-4.11(e)(2) Evaluation & Reports of Progress 10/07/2008 333KBS
SP09-4.2(c) Summary of State Rehabilitation Council Input & Recommendations 10/07/2008 42KBS
SP09-4.7(b)(3) Waiver of Statewideness 10/07/2008 20KBS
SP09-4.8(b)(1) Cooperation with Agencies Not in WIA 10/07/2008 17KBS
SP09-4.8(b)(2) Coordination with Education Officials 10/07/2008 94KBS
SP09-4.8(b)(3) Cooperative Agreements with Private Non-Profit VR Service Providers 10/07/2008 61KBS
SP09-4.8(b)(4) Collaboration Regarding SE & Extended Services 10/07/2008 28KBS
SP09-6.3 Quality, Scope, and Extent of Supported Employment Services 10/07/2008 26KBS
SP09-84-126 Vocational Rehabilitation Certification Regarding Lobbying 10/07/2008 39KBS
SP09-84-187 Supported Employment Service Certification Regarding Lobbying 10/07/2008 34KBS
SP09-Preprint Preprint 10/07/2008 124KBS
SP09-VR State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program 10/07/2008 294KBS

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