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Mature Worker Services

There are many reasons why individuals continue to work past the “traditional” retirement age or finding themselves in need of returning to the workforce. AZ Links site contains information to help mature workers (individuals 50+ years old) connect to employment, identify volunteer opportunities, and find education and training programs and services through a network of community resources.

Senior Community Service Employment Program

If you are 55+ years old, unemployed and need assistance in upgrading your skills to compete in today’s job market, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) may be an option.

Arizona Workforce Connection

Mature Worker

Arizona Workforce ConnectionExternal Link Icon provides assistance to jobseekers who are looking for help in finding a job, resume development and career counseling. You can also find information regarding employee rights and laws and education and training opportunities.

Arizona Mature Workers

By developing a dialogue among the mature workforce, businesses, government, education, and local communities, opportunities for mature workers and employers to interact have been created.  This website was developed with input from employers and mature workers alike and contains a host of resources targeting mature workers and employers.  Included is a listing with job postings from Mature Worker Friendly Certified employers.

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