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In March 2010, Governor Brewer launched ArizonaSERVES, an initiative to connect community organizations with faith-based organizations answering the call to serve our most vulnerable residents during these difficult economic times that have resulted in reduced or limited funding. 

One of the Governor’s priorities is to support
the reunification of families through supervised visitation.


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What is supervised visitation?

There are many children who cannot safely live with their parents and are placed in out of home care.

When a child is removed from the home, Child Protective Services (CPS) must create a case plan that includes services to support the family’s efforts to reunify, including supervised visitation between the child and parents.

Why is supervised visitation important?

In Arizona, there are 14,111 children are in foster care. Although removal is necessary to protect these children from abuse or neglect, children need to remain connected to their siblings and their parents. Many children experience emotional trauma following separation from their family. They may worry if their brothers and sisters are safe if they are not able to be placed together. As parents make efforts to reunify their family, children who participate in regular visits with family members are more likely to develop better coping skills and benefit from strengthened family connections. Keeping children in foster care connected to their birth parents is essential for reunification because it helps to reestablish and maintain family ties.

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How can I SERVE our families?

Your church, business or organization can provide a meeting room for family visitation.

Rally a group of volunteers and adopt a visitation room at your local CPS office to decorate the room with your favorite children’s theme and stock it with toys, snacks and extra children’s clothes for future family visits.

Purchase needed supplies for family visits.

Volunteer with your local CPS and train to transport children to their family visits.

Are you ready to answer the call?


Learn more by visiting the Supervised CPS Visits Toolkit.
The toolkit provides you with reports, maps, videos, resources, ideas for involvement, best practices, events and more.

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